Pressing Strings is a musical group from the Maryland’s capital city of Annapolis. Often described musically as a blend of Indie, folk, and soul. The band started making music all the way back in 2007 while singer and band leader Jordan Sokel decided to leave college and pursue a life dedicated to his craft of writing and performing original songs. In the following years the cast around Sokel changed more than a few times but in 2014 the puzzle began to come together with bassist Nick Welker and drummer Brandon Bartlett joining the band. Together the trio have made waves on a national level with AAA radio and continue to record and perform steadily. While the band started as more of an acoustic folk based venture, in recent years they have gravitated more towards a soulful bluesy rock direction which is where they seem to hit the mark performing live. Like many bands they have developed a knack for taking well known cover material and spinning in into their own style.